Why does my wood look different? Why did cracks appear? Wood is a natural material with a flaws unable to be seen with the naked eye. Occasionally the wood can crack or break if pressure is placed in just the wrong spot. Please contact us and we will replace your item within six months of purchase.

Do I need to season my wood beads? No you don't have to but it keeps them looking fresh and ensures the longevity of the item.

Why do I need to discard after six months? We can't gurentee the integrity or cleanliness of the product after six months. All teething items should be replaced after six months use regardless of sterilisation.

How do I clean my silicone and wood item?Simply wash in warm soapy water and air dry. Just as you would the dishes! If you're out and about use a baby wipe! Condition any wood beads with our "Bead Balm" once completely dry.

What are they strung on? Beads are strung on strong nylon cord that can withstand temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius. 

Do you wholesale? We wholesale all D+D branded products. Some items are for retail sale only. Get in contact with us through our contact page and we can chat!

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